Sunday, November 23, 2008


I haven't been blogging much because I recently started a new job. And some other things in life... But mostly, because colleagues at my new job, being American and adept at googling, found out about my blog, and hence, my past.

They didn't mind my past, just as my previous Chinese employer. But they do read English, so they know some periphery of my thoughts by reading through my blog.

So I feel naked.

And being in a leadership position now, I was reminded of the fact that certain speeches would make people all the way across the Pacific, particulary of the legal persuasion, worried. What if the Chinese government...?

I did my best to assuage that worry--as long as I don't advocate overthrowing the government, I should be fine; the government is a lot more neglectful than what the outside could possibly believe; ...

But the news headlines go contrary to my argument. My own past is of no particular comfort either.

So I have to hide my private parts from the curious eyes of my colleagues.

In this age of web 2.0, what bushes can we hide behind?