Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Google, please bribe the government

I sent up a mirror blog on MSN at the end of December to make my writing accessible in China (China blocks almost all the other blog providers that I know of). When I tried to copy my interests over from Blogger to MSN Spaces, MSN blocks me from including the word “bondage” as in the title of one my favorite books, Of Human Bondage. I could use the world “sex”, “threesome” or “S&M”, just not “bondage”, “c***” or “f***”.

I knew that’s the price to pay to have MSN available in China. So I proceeded.

Then today I found out it’s a really crappy service. I couldn’t figure out how to display more than 25 blog entries on my Space (45 entries in December). The only workaround is to use the “next entries” link which is solely available in the Archives section. The Help section was uselessly skinny. The Feedback link doesn’t work.

To succumb to regime pressure is one thing. To have a crappy usability design is completely over the line! (This coming from Microsoft shareholder!)

Google, please bribe the government some more so I can have my Blogger’s ease of use. You already censor news on your News site for China. I don’t mind you censoring out my preference for a book related to bondage to make Blogger available in China.

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Albatross said...

it worked briefly, but not anymore.